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supporting employees with the mental health at work challenge

The mental health at work challenge

BestLifeRewarded recognized Mental Health in the workplace as a problem and decided to do something about it. Key stakeholders came together to design a program that puts the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety into easy-to-follow steps, called milestones.

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how the challenge works

  1. Each organization who registers for the Mental Health at Work Challenge will receive a set of milestones, in the form of 14 tasks or introductory steps.
  2. Each milestone completed is a step towards reaching the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety.​
  3. Each milestone completed awards points to each employee who is registered.

August, 2018

Why employees mental health matters

  • ​In Canada, 500,000 people do not go to work each day because of mental health problems or mental illness. The Mental Health at Work Challenge encourages corporate Canada to implement mental health standards within the workplace to help end the stigma associated with mental illness. ​
  • ​Regardless of increased awareness, there is still a stigma associated with mental illness.