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5 Tips for Staying fit in the office

​Rethink your commute to work

  • If you drive to work, park in the farthest spot of the parking lot, or in a different lot all together. All the extra steps you take add up.
  • If you live a reasonable distance from work, ride your bike, walk, or roller blade instead of driving. The extra activity will get you energized and ready for your day!

Make your breaks active!

  • Don’t sit for longer than one hour straight. Stand up to make tea, stretch, visit a co-worker in another office, etc.
  • Instead of driving to pick up lunch, walk to the nearest café or deli. Choose something that includes lots of your favorite veggies.
  • Take advantage of the sunny days and go for a walk on your lunch break. Put your headphones in or walk with a co-worker or friend.

Plan your meals

  • What you eat at work has a major impact on your fitness level. Whether you bring in your lunch or buy it, aim for foods that include lots of lean proteins, fibre, and produce.
  • Have healthy snacks on hand like fresh veggies, unsalted nuts, or berries for when you need something to munch on before or after your lunch break.
  • Never skip breakfast. Without a well-balanced breakfast, you won’t have as much energy throughout the day to be productive both mentally and physically.

Stay hydrated

  • Drink lots of water. Bring your own water bottle and make sure it’s always full. If you have trouble remembering to drink water, set yourself some reminders for every hour.
  • Avoid consuming too much caffeine or refined sugar. Each of these may give you an energy burst but result in a crash leaving you feeling groggy.

Maintain good posture

  • Maintain good posture throughout the entire day, whether you are sitting or standing. This will greatly reduce tension in your neck, shoulders, and back – while strengthening your core muscles.
  • Practice stretching exercises frequently. Stretching provides relief to your tense muscles and will get your blood flowing. It also helps with digestion and back pain!​

July, 2018

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When you work in an office for long periods of time, it’s easy to be inactive and form habits that may not be in the best interest of your health. But there are plenty of tricks you can use to increase your activity level and strength without ever going to the gym!

Along with improving your overall health, taking steps to becoming more fit will decrease stress levels and make you more productive.