May, 2018

Canadians spend much of their waking hours at work making it an optimal place for promoting good mental health. Learn how promoting mental health in the workplace can benefit you and your employees, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.

Why is workplace mental health important?

  • Productivity

Employee mental health impacts their level of productivity. Employees will be more productive at work if they are healthier both mentally and physically.

  • Employee satisfaction

The mental health of employees can greatly impact their level of job satisfaction and their overall mood. Taking strides to improve employee’s mental health can lead to reduced absenteeism, which is typically caused by stress exhaustion and depression. Improved mental wellbeing allows employees to successfully complete their work leading to reduced rates of presenteeism.

  • Employee retention

Making your employees mental health a priority will not only improve their job performance but will also reduce the need for you to replace staff, minimizing turnover rate and time spent training.

  • Teamwork

A happy healthy workplace strengthens collaboration and teamwork. Addressing mental health issues and stress allows employees to work together and produce better results.

  • Financial savings for the employer

Promoting mental health decreases short and long-term medical leave due to physical or mental illness brought on by workplace conditions. Also, it reduces workplace injuries which may be caused by the inability to focus due to stress and other mental concerns.

To calculate the cost at your organization input your company information into the healthy economics tool.

Tips for employers promoting mental health

in the workplace

 - Be clear about tasks and responsibilities

 - Assign manageable workloads

 - Provide learning opportunities for professional


 - Set up conflict resolution practices

 - Invite employees in on decision-making

 - Recognize employees

 - Offer flexible work arrangements

 - Register your organization for the free Mental Health at Work challenge

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