RICARDo navarrete, vp of it development

Karen is a Business Analyst at BestLifeRewarded Innovations and has over twenty years of IT experience. Prior to her current position, Karen was a Business Analyst in organizations that deliver parcel and freight solutions, services across the electricity sector, and logistics solutions for the healthcare industry.  At BestLifeRewarded Innovations, Karen works with various business stakeholders to gain in-depth understanding of business needs, analyses and documents business processes. Karen works closely with the IT development team to assess how best to integrate business processes and their associated requirements into current technologies. Karen elicits and documents business requirements and manages Quality Assurance activities in partnership with the IT/project management team. Karen has a proven track record in delivering projects that are value-add to her organization and clients. Karen is results-oriented, very organized and has excellent work ethic. In her spare time, Karen works out at the gym at least three times per week and keeps up-to-date with world events. Karen loves to attend live concerts; favourite artist is Lionel Richie:) Karen’s passion is spending quality time with her family - she enjoys conversations and laughter over dinner each day!

karen richardson, business analyst manager

Nandni Edwards is a Registered Nurse with five years of experience working within both a Canadian and international context delivering direct patient care. She completed her Bachelor of Science Nursing degree from the University of Toronto (2010) and most recently completed her Masters of Public Health degree from the University of Western Ontario (2016). Upon completion, Nandni’s policy work directly supported the Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) of Canada with the Public Health Agency of Canada in Ottawa. Through Nandni’s policy and nursing work, she has seen first-hand the need for innovative approaches to health care delivery. In early 2017, Nandni joined BestLifeRewarded Innovations and has lead several major initiatives.

marcella metcalfe, content coordinator

This former stay-at-home mom is ecstatic to be back in the workplace, happily putting her superb organizational skills to good use. As a matter of fact, Natasha is one of our most popular employees as she expertly manages the fulfilment of prizes! “Working as an administrator at BestLifeRewarded Innovations is a very fulfilling role. Winners are always pleased to hear from us and are grateful to be receiving a well-deserved prize. It is good to know that we affect peoples lives in such a positive way. It is also a wonderfully supportive work environment.”
And while she loves all of her beautiful family members, she really misses the baby of the family -- her beautiful and mischievous golden retriever.

Cynthia Hastings-James, Co-Founder

meghan urquhart, associate account director

Hi all, I am the Content Coordinator at BestLifeRewarded Innovations. I’ve been working for BLRi for two years now, and I love it! In my spare time, I like to watch TV shows, play with my five-year-old son, or go for dinner or a coffee with my friends. I also love to hike and dance! I enjoy working with each and every one of the other BLRi employees, and can’t wait for what the future holds.

Nandni Edwards, SENIOR account director 

​Our Team

Sue Herdman, senior account director

Joelle Trudeau, Operations DIRECTOR

Known for her creativity and innovation, Susanne has over 20 years in the healthcare sector with significant accomplishments along the way. While in Health Promotion at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Susanne has developed over 50 patient and consumer educational resources and programs, including a health television series and pan Canadian school site health promotion programs. To further add to Susanne’s profile, she has had 10 years of Canadian and international sales and marketing experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Her outstanding performance was recognized in 2006 as she was inducted into the Canadian Healthcare Marketing Hall of Fame.

Joelle Trudeau is Director of Operations at BestLifeRewarded Innovations, and otherwise
affectionately known as “the French connection” to her colleagues ̶ oh la la!
Born and raised in Montreal, Joelle has mastered English as her second language, although
sometimes she is known to use “Franglais” to mix things up and keep us on our toes. In either
language, she is invaluable to our bilingual environment.
Joelle is extremely organized, detail orientated, and thinks outside the box – when posed with a
challenge you are bound to hear a cheerful, “That’s easy, I can do it!”, and you can be sure she
can! Joelle joined the team in 2012 and from the beginning has worn many hats – from organizing
social events, to office moves, to sometimes even spoiling the team with her excellent culinary skills– she is the quarterback of our agile daily operations. Before we had the pleasure of having her as part of our team, Joelle has held corporate administration roles in the construction, engineering and health promotion fields. Despite her famous last name, désolé, she has no pull in Ottawa.

With over 15 years of experience in developing and executing health communication programs, Sue has had the opportunity to hone her skills across the project management spectrum, including content development, regulatory approval, creative direction, and account administration. Of note, however, is a significant body of experience in the development of continuing health education materials for physicians and allied healthcare professionals.
Outside of work, Sue and her husband are undertaking on a labour of love renovating their home and enjoy spending time outdoors with their two energetic Labradors Erin and Simba.

natasha kruszynski, administrator

As Vice President of IT Development at BestLifeRewarded Innovations, Ricardo Navarrete puts his 14+ years of experience in the IT healthcare sector to work, delivering innovative solutions to drive product development, process standardization and business growth. Ricardo provides leadership and governance of the company’s technology efforts to ensure continuous development and execution of technical strategies and projects that enable BLRi to provide customers with world-class service. Although analytical in nature, Ricardo possesses a strong creative muscle allowing him to contribute towards a user-centered approach to product design and marketing. Ricardo's proven ability to lead and shape multidisciplinary teams to success stems from his passion for collaboration and brokering of respectful relationships grounded in shared, strategic priorities. 
When he's not behind a screen, Ricardo dedicates his time and energy to traveling and cooking (particularly barbecue) with friends and family. He maintains a very active lifestyle and enjoys going to the gym, dancing, snowboarding, hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

Susanne Cookson, Co-Founder

Meghan Urquhart has a Bachelor of Public Health Degree with experience in a variety of healthcare settings, predominantly in health education and e-learning. This education, and experience has provided her with in-depth knowledge of health promotion and policy, and strategies to improve community health. 

As the Content Project Manager, Meghan uses her knowledge to increase client’s motivation and ability to take action with their health, and promote overall wellbeing among users. Meghan works with partnered not-for-profit organizations to source relevant, evidence-based content to encourage healthy living for BestLifeRewarded users.

With over 20 years in digital marketing and healthcare, Cynthia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Bestliferewarded Innovations.  She served at the Director and Vice-President level of several agencies including Leo Burnett, Medicus and Discovery Canada, focusing on health-related programs.  In 2004, Cynthia joined mdBriefCase Inc. and established, the leading provider of Canadian pharmacist continuing education.  Cynthia was President of rxBriefCase from 2005-2010.