Patient Support and Adherence Programs:

Leverage the BestLifeRewarded® turnkey incentive platform to engage your patients in a

total health approach, including:

  • Learning about safe and effective use of their medication(s);
  • Building health literacy and taking personal ownership for health;
  • Signing up for medication reminders, reporting on adherence to both medication(s) and lifestyle recommendations;
  • Knowing their numbers, e.g. blood sugar, blood pressure, mood, diet, activity, etc.;
  • Setting goals and pledges;
  • Completing a comprehensive health risk assessment and taking steps from their personalized action plan
  • Tracking health behaviour changes over time
  • 60+ educational modules
  • 25+ health tracking tools
  • Health reminders
  • Medication reminders
  • “On the go” health tracking apps
  • SMART goal setting
  • Healthy living challenges
  • 300+ reward items, with complete fulfillment system
  • Much more!

For Employers and Plan Sponsors

For Patient Support and Adherence