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Design and Evaluation of a Mobile App for Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management Rewarding Positive Behaviours. 

Do incentives increase participation in, and longer adherence to exercise protocols for cardiac rehabilitation patients?

Exploration of the use of incentivized care plans improve CHF patient satisfaction scores – do incentives improve patient engagement in care plans and satisfaction overall?

BestLifeRewarded Innovations is dedicated to continuous improvement and being at the forefront of health behaviour change innovation. We focus on results-oriented disruptive technology research to foster efficiencies and measurable change.

Some of our current research programs include partnership with the following organizations:

Study 1: Better understanding of employees that are optimally using incentive-based wellness platform – what is the profile of the optimized member?

Study 2: Efficacy of Employee Wellness program: Do incentive-based programs work to change and sustain employee health behaviour?