about us

For nearly a decade, BestLifeRewarded Innovations has been helping thousands of organizations measurably improve the health of their members through our proven, customizable, and innovative platform. 

BestLifeRewarded Innovations is a Canadian company that has been recognized globally for it’s thought leadership and innovative, evidence-informed approach. Our team has given presentations at several high-profile international congresses, such as Prevent India, the Cayman Islands Healthcare 20/20 Summit, the World Hypertension Congress, the Canada India Health Summit, the First World Non-communicable Disease Congress and the Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada.

 Founded by Susanne Cookson and Cynthia Hastings-James in 2010, BestLifeRewarded Innovations mission was to advance a “coordinated assault” to improve the health of Canadians. Almost a decade later, BestLifeRewarded is not only achieving its mission in Canada, it now also services international organizations.

 To find out how your organization may benefit from partnering with BestLifeRewarded, please contact us.